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About Linda's La Cantina

On St. Patrick's Day 1947, a German man named Rudolph Seng bought a small Italian restaurant on a largely undeveloped East Colonial Drive. His passion for cooking would make him very popular for years to come. Two years later Al Seng  moved to Orlando to work along side his dad. Al built on a meat locker, brought in beef on the hook and started the "craft" that remains today. Two men who were jewelers "watch makers by trade" had a vision and a drive to make a difference in the food industry.

In 1972  Rudy died and Al and Linda together purchased Rudy and Edie's La Cantina from Edie and renamed it Al and Linda's La Cantina.  Not many years later Linda convinced Al that a new, bigger restaurant was desperately needed before customers fell onto Colonial from the house wine they would drink while waiting to eat.  Although customers were not happy to see their beloved La Cantina leveled, the new restaurant was a huge success.

In the early eighties Al and Linda had a parting  from marital bliss and Linda at the insistence of Al took over the business, even though rumors had said otherwise. Through the next several years some family members left, while others came, and the one constant was the traditions that had been passed down and were still treasured and protected by the ones that cared enough to stay the course.

The Fire!

In late December 1994, tragedy struck, in the fierce shape of a fire that roared through the building and exploded 35 feet into the cold night air. In what seemed like an immeasurable undertaking, the family vowed to rebuild the restaurant and started almost before the embers had turned to ash. During the six months it took to rebuild, the family got the news from the Orlando sentinel of all places that Al had died of a heart attack in Indiana. In June of 1995 La Cantina reopened and customers came by droves as they always had, standing behind "their" steakhouse. Life was back to normal.

Today's Eatery

In 2001 Linda retired to the shock of family and all that had seen her behind the desk , then watching from the bar for years.
Although missed greatly, it was good to know that she was enjoying her golden years doing things she never had time to.Her dedication to the customers and to her family made her a matriarch in the truest sense.
La Cantina celebrated 60 years in March of 2007, and we were so glad to see so many generations of raving fans come to help us pay tribute to all who have come before us. The men and women of La Cantina past, who cared enough to keep the faith in trying times and revel in the accomplishments of their hard work, when times were grand.
            To all the customers, that on a grand scale have stood beside us for decades with steadfast loyalty, you are
 " La Cantina" and we thank you.  


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